Why Fintiri sacked Bindow’s employees

From AISHA RABO, Abuja

The head of the Adamawa state civil service, Dr Edgar Amos, said yesterday that recruitment carried out by ex-governor, Jibrilla Bindow, was found to have had a lot of irregularities.

He said that the present Governor Ahmadu Fintiri took the decision to cancel the employment of over 300 workers of Adamawa State Polytechnic, in order to correct anomalies. Edgar made this clear yesterday in Yola when he addressed journalists in his office.

He said, “The position of government is that all those employed before October 2018, their employment will be recognized by government; but government is also conscious of the polytechnic’s need to get the staff that it requires and is needed.

“Those that don’t have what they need, those ones should be redeployed into the civil service. Those on transfer of service on the basis of waiver should be returned to the Civil Service Commission.

 “Anybody, who was employed after October 2018, his or her employment is discarded. At the moment, it is only for the state polytechnic.”


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