The need for an infrastructural overhaul in Yobe State, by Kaseem Isa Muhammad


Infrastructural development is the construction and improvement of foundational services with the goal of sparking economic growth and improvement in the quality of life.

Infrastructure can improve efficiency and productivity. Social and green infrastructure can also improve the quality of life and make the state more competitive.

The advantage of infrastructural development in every human society is to make sure society does not lack modern facilities like schools, hospitals, good roads and so many other things that will be beneficial to the greater number of people in the society.

One good thing about infrastructural development is that it helps society to develop very fast.

Furthermore, by providing good school buildings and healthcare centers, women and children are safe and have the ability to learn and become better as individuals and will certainly play an enormous role in societal development.

Consequently, the needs and importance of infrastructural overhaul in every human society cannot be overemphasized. If we look at the current conditions of some school buildings in some parts of the state, it is indeed pathetic.

Therefore, It is imperative for the government at all levels to look into these issues as a matter of great concern.

The government should create and implement policies that will bring about infrastructural development in our dear state. Schools and hospitals should be provided with the needed facilities, then will the great people of Yobe state start enjoying the dividends of Democracy.


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