Yahoo! Boy in Kirikiri prison pulls off 357 million naira scam


Hope Olusegun Aroke a convicted internet fraudster serving 24 years in jail, has allegedly pulled off a $1million scam from the Kirikiri Maximum Prison in Lagos.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) alleged that Aroke, who has been in prison since 2016, opened two accounts with First Bank Plc and Guarantee Trust Bank Plc using fictitious names.

It was said that he bought two choice properties in Lekki, Lagos, and cars in his wife’s name for N70million.

The commission further alleged that the convict had access to the internet and mobile phone in prison and was smuggled out to attend parties, lodge in hotels and also to see his wife.

Aroke allegedly pulled the burgle right from prison using a network of accomplices.

The lid on his latest fraud exploits from the bowels of the Maximum Correctional Centre was blown following intelligence received by the EFCC.

The immediate riddle that confronted the EFCC was how it was possible for the convict to continue to ply his ignoble trade of Internet fraud from prison,” Uwujaren said.

According to him, preliminary investigation revealed that the convict, “against established standard practice, had access to internet and mobile phone in the Correctional Centre where he is supposed to be serving his jail term.

“Even more puzzling was the finding that Aroke got himself admitted to the Nigeria Police Hospital, Falomo, Lagos for an undisclosed ailment. And from the hospital, he would move out to lodge in hotels, meet with his wife and two children and attend other social functions.”

The agency said it was investigating the circumstance of his admission to the hospital and “those who aided his movement from the hospital to hotels and other social engagements.”

It said: for a felon supposedly serving a jail term, “investigation revealed that the Aroke used a fictitious name, Akinwunmi Sorinmade, to open two accounts with First Bank Plc and Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.

“He also bought a property at Fountain Spring Estate, in Lekki, Lagos in 2018 for N22million and a Lexus RX 350 2018 model registered in his wife’s name, Maria Jennifer Aroke.

“The convict was also in possession of his wife’s bank account token in prison, which he used to freely transfer funds.”

The commission said on November 11, 2019, investigations showed that the convict made a transfer of N3.5 million with his wife’s account Guaranty Trust bank token with account number: 0161538696.

Uwujaren said further investigation revealed that while his trial was ongoing in 2015, Aroke bought a four-bedroom duplex at Plot 12, Deji Fadoju Street, Megamounds Estate, from Lekki County Homes, Lekki for N48million.”


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