Buhari gives honest cleaner financial integrity award


A Nigerian woman identified as Mrs. Jospehine Ugwu who discovered over N40 million on different occasions at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport and returned it, has drawn the attention of the Presidency to her case.

On several occasions, she found huge sums of money totaling over N40 million in the course of her duty and returned them to authorities who gave the money back to the owners.

Her honesty was celebrated by many Nigerians but some derided her for “shunning the easy path” to make money in life.

Though her story was almost everywhere on social media, it did not get the attention of the Federal Government immediately until Temilade Okesanjo, the Executive Director of Woodford Consulting Firm stumbled on Mrs. Ugwu’s story on Instagram and a television programme.

She immediately drew the attention of the Presidency to her case and proposed a national recognition and award to honour her.

The award of recognition was also given to another Nigerian who is a Customs officer, Bashir Abubakar, because he rejected an N150 million bribe offered to him by drug traffickers to import 40 containers laden with Tramadol, a controlled and highly addictive drug.

This was done in order to encourage other Nigerians to be honest in all they do, irrespective of their status.


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