Find a man to marry even if you have to be his third wife – Actress advises women


There is a lot of societal pressure on women to get married on a daily basis. When you are a celebrity the pressure is even worse. When you finally get married the next thing everyone is bringing forth children and the cycle goes on and on.

While the likes of Lydia Forson and Delay have stood their grounds and blasted people who keep on chastising them about marriage, others suffer in silence.

Unfortunately for women in typical African society, marriage is seen as a way of bringing honor to yourself and your family. In light of this, fast-rising Nollywood Actress Sylvia Ukaatu has advised women to find husbands to marry them even if it means they have to become his third wife.

According to Sylvia in a post on her Instagram page,  not every woman is destined to be a first wife. Sometimes you have to compromise and share a man.

Well, she isn’t far from right especially considering young Nollywood actress Regina Daniels, who would rather become a sixth wife to a rich old man than a first wife to a young man.


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