Things you should know about football


Footballers nowadays don’t bother to probe the rules, reasons, and penalties behind some of the fascinating things in the game.

When we look at the complexities and intricacies of the play, an inquisitive mind has to be thirsty for knowledge of what unfolded in the past that made the game most loved all over the world. This article takes a quarry of some existing rules, styles, guidelines, and innovation in the world of football which our reader would love to know. Do you know? You will now know!

1. Yellow/Red Card

Yellow card and red card were introduced to football 53 years ago by an Englishman, Kenneth George Aston who died in October 2001. This is a step forward to improving refereeing issues, which entails warning and sent-off to a player on a pitch as a response to bad tackle, deliberate hurt or abuse of other players, referee and other subordinate officials. Football is a game of love and humor, which does not entertain acting up. One cannot imagine modern football without the warning and sacking cards (Yellow and Red Respectively).

2. Offside

Most often than not, football fans feel it is disgusting to rule a player offside when he had clearly set the pace to finish. On the other hand, it looks shameful when a player scores from offside. The composite thing most people fail to know is the rule guiding the offside decisions. One would also love to ask when and who bring this ‘nonsense’. Well, this is why you are here and you are going to find out soon that, offside was introduced in 1863. According to the initial rule, a player is considered offside unless three players of the opposition are ahead of him (including the goalkeeper). In 1925, it was reduced to two players (including the goalkeeper). The latest change to the rule was in 1990 which entails that a player is onside if he is level with the second-to-last player of the opposing team (including the goalkeeper).

3. Penalty 

A penalty kick was included in the rule of the game back in 1891 in Milford by a goalkeeper and businessman William McCrum. It was a product of much debate at the International Football Association Board. The world’s first penalty was awarded to Airdrieonians in 1891 at Broomfield while the first league penalty kick was awarded to Wolverhampton Wanderers against Accrington. The penalty was taken by Billy in a match Wolves went ahead to win 5-0.

4. Injury Time

The normal duration for a football match is 90 minutes (i.e. 45 minutes for each of the two halves) with a 15 minutes interval. Stoppage time also called Injury time is added at the discretion of the referee proportional to the length of delay in the game. 42 minutes is the longest injury time in the history of football. It was given by Gaza football referee in a derby between Shabab Khanyounis and Ittihad Khanyounis as a result of stadium lighting failure.

5. Substitution 

Substitution in football is the exchange or replacement of players on the pitch with ones on the bench as a result of injury, tired, poor performance or for the technical cause. The rule allows each team to substitute three players during a game and fourth during extra time. It will interest you to note that a player who is known for frequent appearance and scoring as a substitute is called “Super sub”. 

6. Transfer

 The idea of transfer in football can be dated back to England 1885 when the Football Association (FA) introduced player registration. In 1995, Belgian player Jean-Marc Bosman won a case against his former club RFC Liege when his contract expired and they refuse to allow him to sign a new club. The European Court of Justice ruled players should legally be free to move when their contract expired. In 2002, UEFA decided to introduce and enforce a continental transfer window for 2002-2003 seasons. It was in 2003 that English Premier League uphold loans between clubs. The most expensive transfer made in the history of football is the Neymar’s transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain worth £222milions


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