Considering lack of Media outlets as a major cause of poor political awareness in Yobe State, by Kaseem Isa Muhammad


Yobe state has gone a bit further than it was developmentally, but there are still issues that are of paramount importance that need to be checked by the Yobe state government, one of the most important is the lack of media outlets.

Due to a lack of concern for the media and their importance to building the state and helping developmental efforts, as well as creating awareness. It is important to note that there is hardly a functional media outlet in any local government in Yobe state.

Media outlets can help you to target your messages to the people you want to hear it if there are no media in a particular society they will certainly face a lot of political, economic and social challenges. 

Therefore, if there are no media outlets in the state, people will never appreciate the government because with the dynamic power of Media people can understand the priorities of the government and people can also participate in politics through Media outlets

Some of the issues bedevilling  Yobe politics ranges from tribalism, sectionalism, lack of distribution of the governmental projects, rumour and gossip. 

Tribalism and sectionalism are indeed pathetic in our dear state, it is clear most of the people in our area do not want to vote for someone who is not their tribe, it does not matter if he has the capability of discharging his duties.  That can only be changed by using the media to communicate with the people by providing good and active Media outlets across the state.

People worry about the distribution of governmental projects. Most people are of the belief that if a governor is not from their tribe, area, etcetera, they would not enjoy the dividends of the administration. This is partly because of the poor political awareness in the state. 

Lack of an efficient means of disseminating information about politics in Yobe sufficient ways of spreading information about politics in Yobe state has caused some level of backwardness in the people’s awareness on how to express their minds about political matters, negotiations, campaigns or even knowing much about whom deserves to own their votes.

 It is clearly known that the media is the backbone of politics not just in Nigeria but the world as a whole. The Media is used as a means of transforming politics into something better than it used to be and it also helps to enlighten the people to know about their constitutional and political rights.

Though, in Yobe State the story is different because the government and it’s  people live with and do nothing to correct the poor means of communication, which is not a good idea at all because whenever a people are left out of the information loop, there is a chance that they miss out on the chance to better themselves.

Likewise, lack of political awareness in Yobe state has caused so much damage because people know nothing about political policies and projects.

If the government of Yobe state will consider the media as one of the best ways to enlighten people, then the game will dramatically change which will make it easy for the government to share any developmental news and political achievements. 

We need government at all levels to make sure these issues are fought to a standstill and the government needs the media to publicize their achievements.


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