Ode to the brutally murdered PDP women leader by El Pappy


I read of the brutal murder of the PDP women leader in the recent Kogi election. She was burnt to death in her home.

I am not a supporter of PDP. I am just a human being like she was. To date, there has been no protest or umbrage by political, women and civil society groups. Everyone has kept quiet. Her family mourns alone. She was no celebrity. What is going around us may come around us. I am sharing this ode from the facebook wall of El-Pappy Kadash Anya in her honour.

She was Mrs. Acheju Abuh. She was a mother. She was once a girl child. She felt the pangs of poverty in her state. She knew workers across the board were being owed 10+ months of wages by Governor Bello. Her only crime was being in the Opposition. She was bold and challenged the status quo. She fought for change. She did so without guns but her voice and political sagacity. She was vocal.

She was killed in cold blood. Her Killers were men conceived by women. They stayed in wait while she burned to death. They gleefully roasted her. But unfortunately, I didn’t hear women scream. I haven’t seen women chant and protest. Like they did in an alleged rape case that was difficult to prove. Is it because she is not a ‘celebrity’?

Of course, she is a celebrity! She has more guts than the celebrities who dine and wine with their oppressors. Yet none of them is screaming blue murder! None of them have picked up placards and stormed the National Assembly to protest!

The Media isn’t sensational about it because they are all cowards. They pick and choose. They seldom stand on the side of truth. They seem to only cherish sensationalism. They are numb because their fingers are in the corrupted broth. Their lips have tasted of the poisoned chalice of corrupt proceeds. Where is FIDA? Why are they quiet…? Is this how they want to encourage women participation in Politics? Where are the girl child advocates? Is this the future you envisage for the girls?

Where is the PDP leadership? Why are they not blowing hot over this barbaric act? Where are the men of good conscience? Has their scrotum sack suddenly gone cold? Where are the youths? Don’t they have mothers? I can’t hear NAN? Has Aluta become a lame slogan?

I am at a crossroads? Arms at akimbo, staring into the dark sky. Asking.. how did we get here? How do we escape from here? How do we tame this beast? Or possibly annihilate it. I am sunken and drifting in oblivion at the same time. Confusion has cluttered my grey matter. The beast takes rein of my people’s conscience and humanity. But they pay no heed…

Rather they have shamelessly joined the Leviathan in his macabre dance at the theatre of cruelty. They forget that this crazy spin of lunacy might a stop at their doorstep. Darkness looms on the horizon. The nation is in a crucible while its people engage in a senseless rat chase…..


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