Secondary pupils drug teachers to cheat during exams


A junior secondary school pupil has shocked a gathering of educationists in Alausa with a revelation.

The boy told the audience how fellow pupils drugged their teachers to cheat during examinations.

A parent also said she was severely distressed by her neighbour’s child drug abuse.

These were the revelation at the seminar organised by the Conference of Private Schools Associations in Lagos State (COPSAIL).

The event took place at the Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, Alausa on Monday with the theme “Danger of Illicit Use of Hard Drugs Among our Youths.”

During the questions and answers session, the courageous boy stepped out to ask a question.

He said: “How do we solve a situation whereby fellow pupils drugged our teacher in order to cheat during examinations?”

The boy said once they add the substance in the drink, the teacher, after taking it, will sleep off all through the exams period and the pupils will be able to cheat.

He appealed to the state government to look into the matter.

Immediately after the boy’s expose, a parent took the microphone to narrate how she developed distress for her neighbour’s child drug abuse.

According to her, the child’s parent did not know that he was abusing drugs.

“I don’t know how to inform the child’s mother. She is my neighbour. We live in Ikorodu. She is the type that goes out in the morning and returns at night. The boy has friends who indulge in this illicit act,” she said.

The Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Education, Mrs Abosede Adelaja responded and said, parents and teachers, need to pay close attention to children.

She described the drugged teacher as careless.

Mrs Adelaja said that moral decadence is on the increase in the society.

She said: “I’ll not dispute that because if the children have not seen it or heard of it here, they won’t say it. We all need to go back and take care of our responsibility on these children be it parents, teachers or guardians. The kids are our future.

“If we see any negative behaviour or some changes in these children, we quickly find out what could be the cause. Most of the times parents are too busy looking for money for the children’s upkeep and the children use the opportunity to engage in so many social vices. To keep them busy, I’ll suggest more attention be paid to children.”


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