How wife dumped husband of 22 years to marry another man who is wealthy


A worried man is seeking advice from concerned Nigerians after a woman he married for more than 22 years left him to marry another man who is wealthy and also married.

According to the man who shared his shocking predicaments, things changed for worse when he lost his job while living in Northern Nigeria before relocating to Lagos where he secured a federal government job. There, he brought his wife and their six children to join him.

His wife later opened a church and was receiving several goodies from people among who was a wealthy military man who gave her a sienna car as a gift.

The unexpected happened when the man’s wife developed a sudden change in behavior and later divorce her husband to be with the military rich man with the backing of her mother while the father is against her move.

The devastating man was advised by his own family to get another wife to ease the burden of taking care of his six children, but he is skeptical about the idea.

If you were in this man’s shoe what would you do? Kindly drop your suggestions in the comments section.


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