9-year-old that has developed over 40 games (Video)


Basil Okpara, the 10-year-old founder of BJN games who was recently profiled by CNN, is featured on episode 5 of First Class Material and this young genius will inspire you with his story.

Basil started building games this year, 2019, from a boot camp he attended and he’s gotten so good at it that he has founded his own game company. He was only 9 at the time.

“My real ambition was to build robots but I thought building games was not so bad so I picked it up and started building games,” he said.

His headteacher at school said Basil is always eager to go into the ICT room and his teachers, noticing his zeal, would oblige him.

Basil’s mum, Doris Okpara said his dad noticed he had an interest in games because he was always playing games on his phone.

His father got irritated with his obsession with playing games and told him that he’s only able to play the games because someone created it.

As a result, Basil decided to focus on being, not just a consumer, but also a creator.


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