Lack of accommodation an issue of concern in University of Maiduguri by Kaseem Isa Muhammad


Lack of sufficient accommodation at the University of Maiduguri has to be the worst pain going through the inner feelings of students coming from different places and even to those that live far away from the university.

We have witnessed the way other universities like the Ahmadu Bello University of Zaria, Usman Danfodio University of Sokoto and other universities with a large population have been setting up their hostel and it was very interesting.

This is because a Tertiary Education Trust Funds should not only be spent on renovation of the school’s senate building, administrative blocks, and departmental offices in midst of urgent demand of complex hostels by the students who traveled from various destinations to Maiduguri.

The management of the school needs to reconsider the issues of building enough hostels for the students first before any other thing.

We all know about the insecurity challenges around Borno, and looking deeply into it, we can realize that building accommodation for the students will encourage them to study in peace and secure a good education rather than leaving them with the choice of living around the city of Maiduguri, thereby exposing them to dangers which can lead to loss of lives.

The University of Maiduguri lacks good accommodation, most of the hostels in the university are dilapidated and it cannot accommodate a large number of students because the population of the students is uncontrollable.

The university management should take proactive and necessary measures because this issue have become the most bottleneck in the school.

There are many students in the university that are buying many bed spaces in order to re-sell at an exorbitant price which is against the school’s constitution. Although it is inevitable, it is very wrong. This is one of the most basic issue that is bedeviling the university.

There are certain hostels that only people who have been blessed with purchasing power can afford to buy it and it’s within the range of N50,000 to N80,000 whereas the prices provided by the university management are N22,000 and N15,000.

Some students don’t have any choice but to squat with their friends because they can’t buy their own bed space due to the high rate of accommodation fees from their counterparts.

Meanwhile, it’s an offence to squat or to be squatted in the university. One can find a room having eight or more people in it while the normal number provided by the university management is four persons per room.

Students who could not meet the financial challenges attached to accommodation, sleep in lecture theatres, associations and fellowship secretariats, and common rooms. They retire to their hostels very early in the morning to get dressed for the day’s hassles.

It went viral on social media a few months ago about the increase in school accommodation and registration fees. The school management increased it by 10 percent and the students doubled it to 20 percent thereby creating more problems for themselves.

There is also a negative side of the school’s management but I don’t have an iota of doubt that they will provide some palliative measures to make sure these issues are fought to a standstill.


  1. You are right bro the issue of hostel accomodation has become a topic of dscussion today, how can you imagine one would get the bed space for not more than 22k but at the end of the day he will not collect anything less than 60k from his fellow collegue totally this is bad


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