Why NFF holds Annual General Assembly without audited report, by Niyi Busari


The Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, for the first time in the history of its Annual General Assembly failed to provide an audited report to the general public and its members present at the end of the year event in Benin, Edo State, BSN Sports reports.

BSN Sports can authoritatively report that PrincewaterCooper, (NFF’s auditing company) was not at the federation’s 75th Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 17th December 2019 and according to a reliable source, the company was absent because it was not supplied with adequate financial information.

The impeccable source added that PrincewaterCooper absence was necessary because the company could not provide an audited report at the Congress, after five months of demanding for the federation financial information.

BSN Sports also gathered that the federation claimed to have been working on the financial information since August 2019 but could not make it available to the auditing company till the Annual General Assembly which held on Tuesday 17th December 2019 in Edo state. The auditing company was being careful because its name has been dragged into alleged financial impropriety in its role with the NFF in the last one year.

It is revealing that it has never happened before in the history of any organization to hold Annual General Assembly without audited reports.


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