Why you should open a Telegram account now, by Saleh Babayo


Firstly, the reader shouldn’t mistake Telegram for Instagram. Telegram, which is in many ways similar to WhatsApp, is an extremely resourceful app. It gives a user unlimited access to resourceful materials in form of videos, audios, texts, books, and pictures. All for free!

It’s awesomely user-friendly. A user doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of technology before he or she can make optimum use of it. A regular WhatsApp experience is sufficient.

Back to the subject matter. Telegram has numerous adorable features that give it an upper hand compared to WhatsApp. The former can do virtually everything the latter does with addition.

For example, one cannot join a group in WhatsApp without resorting to either of these two ways: one of the group admins adds one to the group or one gets oneself into it through the group link, which is exclusively accessible by the admin(s).

Conversely, any user on Telegram can gain access to the link of the ANY channel (even if one doesn’t belong to the channel).

That’s not all. If one joins a WhatsApp group, one’s archive (chat history) in that very group starts counting from that instant. But in Telegram, a new member of a group or a channel has unfettered access to everything posted on that particular channel since its inception. Incredible!

What’s even more, is that a user can gain access to all the posts in any channel even before joining the channel. All you need to do is to search for the channel or obtain the channel’s link. Isn’t it fabulous?

The best of all; a user can just go to his search engine (found at the top RHS) and lookup for any channel of his choice without prior permission of any admin.

Furthermore, a channel in Telegram is limitless. That means it can accommodate as much members as may be required. Which is contrary to a group in WhatsApp that cannot accommodate more than 257 members.

Unlike WhatsApp, unread messages in Telegram remain unread even after opening a channel and reading a portion therein.

Let me briefly address some FAQs regarding how to download and manage downloaded files in Telegram, and how to regulate auto-download.

As a reminder, Telegram shares many things in common with WhatsApp. Thus, auto-download can be regulated by clicking the “3 lines” menu found at the top LHS of the home window; then click on Settings; then go to Data and Storage; and then under “Automatic media download,” uncheck “When using mobile data,” and any other option, if needs be.

Leaving auto-download open consumes a lot of data (MB), which makes it pertinent for the users to regulate it for data and space conservation since some of the files on Telegram are very heavy.

Then with respect to managing downloaded files, it’s common to observe that downloaded files don’t appear in the user’s Gallery in case of photos and videos, likewise audios and documents in their respective apps.

Here is how it works.

When a file is downloaded in Telegram, it’s stored within the app. For it to appear on the phone, the user needs to click on the “3 dots” menu at the top RHS of the downloaded file within the Telegram, and then select “Save to downloads.” Finished!

Lastly, do yourself a favor and open a Telegram account now, I mean now, and then thank me later.

Just like WhatsApp, Telegram could be downloaded and installed by Android users via the Play Store.

Please if you have any questions or observations, feel free to share with me via salebabayo@gmail.com.


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