Women and youths empowerment programs in Yobe state, By kaseem Isa Muhammad


Youth empowerment programs are aimed at creating a healthier and higher quality of life for underprivileged or at-risk youth. Some of the competencies of a healthy youth are a positive sense of self,  self- control, decision-making skills, a moral system of belief, and pro-social connectedness.

In Yobe state, there is a huge need for the government to concentrate on the matters of youths and women thereby providing more basic opportunities that will take thousands of youths and women out of poverty.

As we are in the digital world now, the government of Yobe state will find it easier to generate some empowerment chances for the youths to learn many things and rampantly explore likewise the women can be duly empowered with some simple programs that will help them overcome their obstacles in or outside their homes.

The problem of living the society without any options is tragically horrible as we can how some of the sacrifices of the youth all their lives to earn a living by obtaining a negative way and how our women find it hard to resolve their problems and that of their family.

The need for empowering youths and women could change the lives of thousands who strived for armed robbery, kidnapping, raping, drug addiction and other illegal acts thereby turning them to be a great product of the state and maintained law and others.

It will also change women with the idea of sending their children into hawking and optimize their financial capabilities.

If the government of Yobe will put the aim of empowering youth and women into consideration, I am sure that a lot of progress will be seeing in a bit of time.

if the youths are well empowered the socio-economic standard of living in Yobe state will be very good because productivity encourages economic growth

Therefore the importance of youths and women empowerment Will bring a lot of improvement in Yobe State such as

Poverty eradication for Youth and underprivileged women can help reduce the rate of poverty to a significant level and also can reduce the high rate of divorcees because if women are self-reliant everything will completely be changed

Good education standard Empowerment can help youth and women to understand the importance of education that leads to the social improvement of the country if the youths are well educated they will never think negatively to ensure good empowerment it’s of  Paramount importance for Yobe State to take educational sector as a big matter of concern

Crime reduction youth Empowerment ensures that youth has the necessary skill to sustain a livelihood, preventing him to adopt the path of crime.

The rate of crime in societies varies when compared to others. One of the reasons for this is because the youths are not empowered. But if the youths are empowered through training to learn what will make them live comfortably, the rate of crime will be on the lower side.

Therefore the importance of youth and women programs in every human society cannot be overemphasized despite the fact that the program impacted tremendously to the teeming youth and underprivileged women.

However, Yobe state is not an exceptional The Mai Mala’s led administration need to creates some empowerment programs the way other States did, because that will certainly reduce the  Highest number of unemployed youth in the state.

You can find thousands of graduates in Yobe State from different tertiary institutions but their lacks entrepreneurs skills which are very wrong

There is that popular saying ” An idle man is a devil workshop’ So if care is not taking those unemployed youth are subject to turning in to Drugs Addict, political thug’s, kidnappers and any other related crime activities

So I wrote to called the attention of the new administration in my state to put this into consideration and establish those programs so the youth and the underprivileged women in the state can be able to learn some entrepreneurial skills and also became self-reliant


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