Newborn baby kidnapped 55 years ago, found in another state


Mysteries abound and the world never seems to run out of them. Chester and Dora Fronczak’s one-day-old baby that was abducted 55 years ago, on April 26, 1964, in Chicago was found in Michigan.

Daily Mail reports that a woman who was disguised as a nurse took the baby with the pretence of taking the child to the doctor but never returned. After some time of thorough investigation, the police closed the case when they got to know that a two-year-old boy that looked like the child was abandoned in a New Jersey mall.

The couple reunited with the found baby thinking it was their kidnapped son without any way to ascertain his identity. It should be noted that this was decades before the invention of DNA testing.

The real Paul has not yet shown any interest in meeting with his biological mother, his only surviving parent. When the new child, named Paul, was 10 years old, he realized he had been kidnapped when he was a child.

Decades later in 2012, a DNA test he took showed that he was not related to Chester and Dora, reopening the mystery of what could have really happened to their baby. After due intelligence gathering by investigative journalists, they were able to find the real Paul where he was tracked to a small community in Michigan, known by a different name.

Though authorities would not reveal his identity to the public, the real Paul said he got to know that he had been a crime victim when he was contacted months ago. He would not, however, say if he will be willing to connect with his biological mother. One thing is sure, he will not be able to do so with his father, who had died several years ago.

On the other hand, the ‘fake’ Paul when speaking with The Sun, said he had always doubted Chester and Dora were his real parents when he got to know of the abduction case at age 10. In a quest to get his own real parents, an investigation in 2015 led him to the Rosenthal family and realized that his real name was Jack Rosenthal.

His mother was an alcoholic, while his father was very mentally disturbed, both of whom are dead. Sometime in 2013, one Johnnie Harbaugh said his mother, Linda Taylor, may have been responsible for the crime. One of Taylor’s ex-husbands said she once showed up during the early 60s with a newborn baby boy. Though she was never convicted, her son said she most probably handed over the baby to one of her boyfriends in Tennessee.


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