Man shocked as DNA reveals his 3 kids belong to his father


This is a thrilling story of a man who happens to be the only child of a rich, old King somewhere in the Niger Delta. The man is currently at a loss on what to do as regards his life.

Here is the chilling story as shared by Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah anchor of Make or Mar on the relationship.

Please, Osigwe publish, how are work and your family? hope awesome. I am an advent reader of your column and enjoy the way you treat some complicated issues. Please, I rely on a wide range of audiences to speak on this pressing issue.

Due to the sensitive nature or circumstances of who I am as royal blood, I would depict the names with a fictitious one. I am the only son of my father who presently is aged (above 80) and a king in one of the Kingdoms in South-South.

I am married to a beautiful lady, let us assume her name is Amara and we are blessed with three kids, two boys, and a girl. Presently my dad would transit to his ancestors and pave way for my ascension of the throne any moment soon.

As the heir apparent, I would assume duties as King of my father’s kingdom.

That my father is old and a bit ill is not what worries me but the emotional heartbreaking news my father’s personal doctor just told me.

That he has limited time is not the bane here but the chilling reality that my kids do not belong to me but fathered by my dad the king.

My father’s personal doctor weeks ago told me to undergo a DNA test for my kids and bring the results straight to him. He said it was part of the tradition and it is imperative I know who the father of my kids is before my own ascension to the throne. Well funny and absurd as it may sound because I kept wondering what relativity does DNA of my kids and coronation have?

Well I did as I was told by him without much ado knowing fully well my wife was faithful and as a princess, she dares not cheat on me.

With the results of the DNA out, I discovered that my kids are not mine, I immediately got in touch with the family physician knowing fully well he had a reason then for insisting I did a DNA test.

To my astonishment, I was told the kids were actually that of my father.

How did this happen?

Some years ago I was involved in an accident and regrettably lost my fertility, this was hidden to me by my father and my wife who saw the results while I was in a coma at the hospital.

Let me take you on a flash black, my Father like I said is old and would soon pass on he gave birth to me at an old age after 3 of his earlier children died mysteriously. So at my birth, he was advised not to have kids again as the gods cannot protect their survival but if he stops at me I would survive and ultimately succeed him.

So I am the only child of my father and tradition demands that if I don’t have a child then I can’t ascend the throne.

So when this devastating news broke about my infertility they decided to keep it away from me saying I should recuperate and get well first. My wife took an oath not to reveal my condition to me.

Years later my father was worried that I might not be able to ascend the throne if I don’t have kids so he devised a plot with the doctor to have my wife impregnated by my dad in order for me to have kids. She had no choice and definitely the spoils as a lolo and having her own kids served as bait for her.

The doctor revealed this to me so I should know the reality before I ascend the throne as during my coronation the deity would reveal to me in secret that the kids are not mine. It was better he said I knew now that my father was old and about to transit than the other way round when he was dead.

I am so devastated to realize that my wife slept with my father more than ones and had three kids for him. All because I was lied to for tradition’s sake that I don’t even care about.

Please, what should I do ? should I go ahead with the marriage and await my fate or just run to a faraway country and start life afresh? how can they take such a decision on my behalf without my consent ? is it right? But I love the kids I really love them.

Best of regards.



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