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Pulse 2019 List : Top 10 male Nollywood actors of the year


In 2019, a range of actors, both old and new graced our screens with many of them featuring in the year’s biggest blockbusters.

Truth be told, several Nollywood actors delivered impressive performances in 2019.

However, some gave sterling performances for every film they featured in than others.

This list is based on some of their performances in some major movies in 2019.

Ramsey Nouah
Film: Living in Bondage: Breaking Free

With few films to his name in 2019, Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah makes the list with a sterling performance in his directorial debut, ‘Living in Bondage: Breaking Free’. Nouah’s ability to waltz through his character and leave the audience wondering how he has kept at this level is one of his highlights for 2019. The 48-year-old takes on the role of Richard Williams, a rich and affluent man, who also doubles as the leader of an occultic group with chains of businesses across the globe.

Nouah’s decision to take on the role of Richard Williams is a no-brainer as he deftly switched from an affluent and world-class billionaire to the spiritual leader of a powerful occult known as ‘The Six’. All through 2019, Ramsey was never found wanting as he remained busy and committed to the art giving laudable performances at every script that had his name on it. He also featured in the sequel to 2018 blockbuster ‘Merry Men’.

Gabriel Afolayan
Film: Code Wilo

2019 political thriller, ‘Code Wilo,’ sees Gabriel Afolayan wearing the garment of a cold yet deadly villain. Gabriel Afolayan plays the enemy within, who leaves no trace as he ruined the political dynasty built by Gbenga Titiloye. His determination to take revenge after 25 years sees Kalu Ikeagwu falling right into his net as an alibi. While Kalu Ikeagwu, plays the role of a greedy and prodigal son, Gabriel Afolayan, who played the role of the villain played two characters that impacted the overall success of the film.

Richard Mofe Damijo
Film: Love is war

become sworn enemies after they emerged the flagbearers of two opposition parties in the state. A loving and romantic Dr. Phillips suddenly turns cold and desperate to win the election against his wife at all costs although their family is disintegrating by the day.

Enyinna Nwigwe
Film: Baby Steps

‘Baby Steps’ tells the story of a casanova who wakes up one morning and finds a baby at his doorstep. He must juggle work and lifestyle with being an emergency father. Intrigued by the comedy, Enyinna Nwigwe takes on the role and convinced the audience of his capacity to deliver. In all of the film, Enyinna’s charisma and bonding with the baby further makes the script so relatable and believable. However, what the character played by Enyinna did not know is that the culprit is on a mission to making him a better man, a good father, and a responsible husband. The film sees Enyinna Nwigwe on a different path than what the fans are used to.

Blossom Chukwujekwu
Film: Joba

Blossom Chukwujeku is a talented actor. It was a no brainer when he walked his role in ‘Joba’ brilliantly, bringing equal measures of suspense, intrigue, and thoughtfulness to the character Biodun Stephens saddled him with. He takes on the lead male character role with such self-possession, making every gesture and word count. Joba,’ a faith-based movie that focused on the faith of a childless Christian husband. All fingers point to him as the cause of childlessness in his marriage to Oreofe Williams. He must protect his wife who is on a suicide mission whilst managing to keep the faith.

Gbenga Titiloye
Film: ‘Code Wilo’

Gbenga Titiloye is a darn good actor. He carries himself just the way a role or character expects of him while leaving the audience in awe. For 2019, Titiloye takes on the role of a political godfather in ‘Code Wilo’. Aside from his physical appearance that aptly fits into the role, the tone, and confidence which Titiloye exuded on the set of ‘Code Wilo’ is worth every commendation. Ambition, power, karma are the themes in ‘Code Wilo’ and they come out particularly strong. The character of Gbenga Titiloye’s rise and fall is a modern re-telling of the consequences of unbridled lust for power. It also reveals what happens behind the curtains of politics and how good friends turn enemies over political takes.

Swanky JKA
Film: Living in Bondage: Breaking Free

Jide-Kene Achufusi is widely known as Swanky JKA and never did he believe his fortunes until the premiere of ‘Living in Bondage: Breaking Free.’ Swanky JKA takes on the role of Nnamdi Okeke, a young man with a daunting quest for the big life in real glamour and opulence. From his stint at the Cubana nightclub trying to live the life of opulence he only dreamt about to the point, he reunited with High Chief Omego, Swanky JKA exhibited sheer talent. Meeting his real father to enjoying the good life, falling in love and meeting his albatross, Swanky JKA carried on the role without faltering.

Yakubu Mohammed
Film: MTV Naija Shuga

Yakubu Mohammed’s performances in the film industry in 2019 is worthy of commendation. Part of the force in his performance in Tope Oshin directed ‘MTV Naija Shuga Season 4’ has to do with why this Kannywood star is getting an accolade. We don’t know Yakubu Mohammed, but we do know ‘Yakubu Mohammed.’ And here he is in a new mode: calm and collected young man whose marriage is threatened by his dad for their non-readiness to have children. In the web series as well as other projects like ‘4th Republic,’ he seems to have discovered new ways of doing fear and nervous, not for acting sake, but to serve the mounting desperation of his character.

Uzor Arukwe
Film: ‘Code Wilo’

After his performance in 2017 films, ‘Sergeant Tutu’ and ‘In Line,’ it’s obvious that Uzor Arukwe is ready to take on Nollywood. Playing the befitting role of a private investigator and son of a South-South High Chief in ‘Code Wilo’ made Arukwe shine like a bright star in 2019. Arukwe carried on the role so well that it almost seemed no actor would have done justice to it. He also got himself a role in Vzhun film’s debut film, ‘Kpali,’ where he played a minor role yet

Ayoola Ayo
Film: The Men’s Club

Music act and actor, Ayo Ayoola made his impact felt in 2019 with the web series, ‘The Men’s Club’. His acting abilities were further displayed in 2019 with his interpretation of his character in the web series, ‘The Men’s Club’. Though Ayoola’s ability to take up the role of a young Nigerian president and deliver a good performance was his highlight in 2018, his performance as the ‘greedy’ son of a business magnate stood him out in ‘The Men’s Club’. From his looks to his composure, speech delivery and carriage, Ayoola gave one of the best performances of his career so far with his role in ‘The Men’s Club’ episodes in 2019.

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