Khloe Kardashian reflects on rocky year


She had a turbulent year that saw her call an end to her relationship with Tristan Thompson.

And Khloe Kardashian reflected on her rocky 12 months as she rang in the New Year yesterday with a thought-provoking post.

The reality star, 35, uploaded a series of videos from 2019 as she admitted she was ‘happily saying goodbye’ to the year and looking at what she had overcome.

In a lengthy post, she penned: ‘2019, I’m happily saying goodbye.

‘They tell you that you shouldn’t look back but I’m going to suggest that you do. Be brave, look back and reflect on your past year; Or the past decade! It’s OK to remind yourself of what you went through and what you overcame.

‘We may not be able to control what happens to us but we can control how we react to it. We must remember that all things are powerless unless we give them power. So let that power be empathy, understanding, kindness, grace, love, and respect.

‘Remember that God has and always will have your back. Have faith that life will get better as long as we believe in ourselves. We must internally feel grateful for everything and strive to become better people daily.’

Khloe continued:’Remind yourself how incredible your life is. How you’re still standing, thriving, smiling. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that what we take with us, is so much greater than what we left behind.

‘I am choosing to only take with me the happiest of times! As I made this video of the past year; I can’t help but smile! True you are my entire heart! My happy place! My Forever and always! I love you.

‘I pray you to leave everything that does not serve you purpose, happiness, peace, love, and health back in 2019.

‘2020 I welcome you with all of my heart!! Des’ree- I’m kissing you’.


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