We need more peace this year, exhorts Gov Ishaku


Governor, Darius Dickson Ishaku has congratulated Tarabans who are alongside the entire global community celebrating the beginning of the new year 2020 today.

He has also urged them to thank God in their various special ways for the privilege of witnessing the beginning of the new year.

Governor Ishaku said the year just ended was one of the immense challenges for Taraba State.

He said the communal crisis in Southern Taraba, kidnapping, herdsmen’s unprovoked aggression against Taraba people and other forms of crimes and criminality threatened the very foundation of the relative peace that his administration had achieved for the state.

Ishaku said it is gratifying to note that the end of the year 2019 and the beginning of 2020, has commenced on a very peaceful atmosphere.

He said the credits for his achievement belongs to the government, security agencies and all the good people of Taraba State.

The governor further stated that it remains a joint responsibility to ensure the sustenance of the peace now prevailing in the state.

He urged all Tarabans to show tolerance, eschew bitterness and to forgive one another.

“Our diversities should be seen as a source of strength and not a reason to promote hatred and bitterness. Taraba State needs peace to grow and develop. Our resources may be inadequate to meet all our needs for rapid economic and infrastructural development but peace can make all the difference. Peace will pave the way for strategic planning for development. I will, therefore, remind you all even now, as I had always done in the past, to give me peace so I can give you development,” the governor stated.

Governor Ishaku further stated that the second phase of his rescue administration is now fully constituted with the appointment of commissioners and the presentation of the state appropriation bill for 2020.

He said his government is set to hit the ground running, adding that he will Fastrack the development of the state and provide for the welfare and well-being of the people under his Rescue Agenda template.

The governor urged all to pray for the administration and against crisis and conflicts as the new decade heralded by the year, 2020 gets underway.

“As we mark the beginning of this new year and a new decade, let us all resolve to contribute in a special way to make our state great.”


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