The Nigerian University with the most facilities


The Ahmadu Bello University sits on approximately 7,000 hectares of land and has 4 campuses including the main campus and Kongo Campus. These are the unique facts about ABU

1. There are 16 Faculties, 99 departments 16 Research Institutes, 2 Colleges of Agriculture and over 200 partnerships with institutions abroad.

2. The University has the largest park reservation and sports facility of any University. The green area consists of 35 hectares of a protected botanical garden, lush green sit-out, and outdoor relaxation spots.

3. ABU has 485 Professors in various disciplines, which are part of its almost 3,000 strong Academic Staff population the largest of any University in Nigeria.

4. It started with a population of 480 in 1962 it has almost 50,000 in 2017.

5. Major facilities include Lecture Halls, Science and Language Labs, CBT Centers, Printing Press, Medical Centre, Dedicated 33KVA Substation, University Water Reservoir, Community Bank, 2000 Staff Housing, Staff School, 3 Hotels, FM Station, Mini Petrochemical Refinery, ABU Teaching Hospital and Distance Learning Centre offering online MBA(the first in Nigeria).

6. The total number of Alumni has reached almost 500,000, producing the first graduate President of Nigeria, 2 Vice Presidents, 11 current state governors, several state and federal lawmakers.


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