My boss's teen daughter is making advances at me-worried man


“Wonders they say will never end.” This delicate and sensitivity case needs wisdom to be applied when advising. A young dad of 39 years is worried that the daughter’s classmate is making advances at him.

He is bothered because the young girl in question is the daughter to his boss, how does he handle the issue without getting on the nerves of the boss and making the young girl understand as well.

Hello, Zena please help publish, I have a case that is troubling me. I am 39 years of age with a very youthful look.

My first daughter is 17 and just gained admission into the university. Some months ago she sent her friend over to my house to help collect the books she left behind at home.

That was how I met my daughter’s classmate. We exchanged numbers and since then she has been wooing me. She has made countless advances towards me. My problem now is I just discovered that her father is my direct Boss. A man that is kind and rich but has a hot-tempered wife.
Please, how do I handle this issue should I inform my Boss or I should ignore and just warn her. I am careful not to lose my job if it is perceived in the wrong way.
Please, how can we suggest ways in which Femi can get out of this present web that might cost him his job, relationship with his daughter and his boss?


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