The full gist of General Nengite's arrest


Investigations revealed that within three years of Brigadier General Charles Nengite, seconded to the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) from the Army headquarters, got over N12 billion in contracts from the agency, transferred $17 million to his wife’s account in the United States.

A source disclosed that General Nengite used his position as a consultant in the NDDC to bag several contracts ranging from emergency road repairs, water hyacinth clearing jobs. In three years, he had collected N12 billion from unexecuted contracts.

The General plotted with Christopher, son of a former Managing Director of the NDDC, Nelson Briambaifa, and laundered $5 million in a deal entered with MTN Nigeria, sources familiar with the deal disclosed.

According to NDDC officials, Nengite’s the Army General was a Strategic Think-Thank member of the Commission’s leadership, and helped Nsima Ekere and Nelson Braimbaifa, the former Managing Directors, to loot the intervention agency.

It was confirmed that Nengite was Nsima Ekere-The managing director of NDDC’s favorite, hence getting paid for the unexecuted jobs never posed a problem.

It was further gathered that prior to Ekere’s exit to contest the 2015 governorship election in Akwa- Ibom State, a meeting was held to appraise his electoral chances and the possible probe of his tenure as MD of NDDC.

Top officials were alarmed when Nengite suggested that the NDDC headquarters be burnt down in order to destroy all documents that might expose the humongous looting which characterized Ekere’s tenure.

One of the officials said, “His suggestion was bizarre. We were stunned that an officer of the law could come up with such devious suggestion to destroy an institution just to cover up looting. It was the most scandalous thing to hear.”

Another top official said, “To pay back Ekere’s generosity, the General provided military support for the governorship candidate, as well as helped procure arms for thugs to snatch ballot boxes and kill to ensure victory at all cost for his friends who are politicians.

“I’m sure you can recall Ekere’s leaked audio conversation with thugs days to the election”, the official stressed.

After Ekere’s exit, Braimbaifa was named as Acting MD, Nengite had no problem worming his way into the new MD’s heart. In no time, he again positioned himself as the think-thank chief of the NDDC, according to insiders at the agency.

Thereafter, the General became friends with the son of the new acting MD, Christopher. who doubled as his father’s Chief of Staff. They struck a business relationship.

Investigation revealed that Nengite and Christopher jointly registered a communications business with which they signed a deal with MTN to stream live videos on MTN carrier for MTN subscribers. The deal reportedly gulped over $5 million.

In 2015, Nengite traveled to the U.S. for a programme at her War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with his family. After the programme, the General returned to Nigeria leaving his family behind in the United States.

Upon returning to Nigeria and resuming duties at NDDC, General Nengite started transferring thousands of U.S Dollars to his wife’s account in the United State.

Mrs. Nengite, who was yet to regularize her immigration papers and with no known job, started accumulating millions of US dollars in her bank account. Bank officials alerted officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI, who swiftly moved in, according to sources.

It was gathered that the investigation led to the discovery that the source of the over $17 million was Brigadier General Nengite. FBI had no choice than to alert the Nigerian authority since he is a serving officer of the Army.

FBI said that some senior officials who have been interrogated by Army investigators have implicated General Charles Dalo Nengite who is currently being detained. He is expected to be court-martialed, and handed over to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), for prosecution.


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