Kannywood and the way forward in 2020


2019 was an eventful year for Kannywood with lots of highs but that is not to say there were no challenges as well. There were indeed, many controversies, ranging from Adam A. Zango withdrawal from Kannywood, Hadiza Gabon and Amina Amal’s saga, Isa I Isa and Sadiya Haruna’s dirty fight and many other controversies that came as a surprise to some, but not to others who are conversant with the intrigues that characterise the film industries worldwide. Some even believed that some of the crises were created deliberately to help them with cheap popularity and in return, keep them relevant. Going forward to 2020, many Kannywood supporters are hoping to see many changes, thus, Daily Trust came up with five things that will probably happen to the industry.

  1. Female director in Kannywood The wait will be over as 2020 finally arrives. The Kannywood diva, Nafisat Abdullahi, will be directing her film for the first time. When we are talking about directing movies in Kannywood, we are talking about the male-dominated aspect of film making, but Nafisat is set to break the barrier with her new movie; Zainab Ali. Former Kannywood actress, Muhibbat Abdussalam was hitherto the first and only female actress that ever directed Kannywood movies, which she said as at then was inspired by her husband, Hassan Giggs who is a prominent and senior director in Kannywood. Nafisat wrote on her verified Instagram handle last year, “all your prayers are needed. I will be putting the director cap for the first time.” Nafisat recently jetted out of the country for training/studies, but she is currently back and Kannywood supporters are keenly waiting and watching.
  2. The Right Choice movie: The acclaimed biggest Kannywood project The award-winning producer, Abubakar Bashir Maishadda, is set to, in collaboration with Kannywood English movie producer, Kabiru Jammaje, produce the acclaimed biggest Kannywood movie this year. The movie is said to assemble top Nollywood and Kannywood stars, and millions of Naira had been budgeted for it. Abubakar Bashir Maishadda wrote, “Breaking news! All is now set to shoot the biggest project ever in the history of the Kannywood industry. The Right Choice movie. A multi-million Naira project that has never hit your screen before. What do you expect when top Nollywood and top Kannywood actors meet in one project? Get set as shoot begins in January.” Kannywood supporters have watched and liked the few Kannywood English movies such as “There is a way” and others, but none of them assembled top Kannywood and Nollywood stars. Nigerians will, therefore, be anticipating the arrival of this movie.
  3. Improving the Kannywood movies market over the years, many Kannywood producers have been silent and some have been forced to diversify their source of income as the fear of Kannywood’s collapse increases. The main problem of the Kannywood has been marketing problems over the years. Some of them even said they only engaged actively during the 2019 elections, hoping that the government will help them improve their marketing strategies, such as fighting piracy, opening more cinemas and many other challenges that bedeviled the industry for some time. After the elections, there were reports that the government will help the industry with a soft loan. Some kannywood stars claimed that the procedure for accessing the loan was too strict, while others even argued that it was not loan that they needed. They said they would rather get more modern cinemas across the country. Speaking on this, Director Falalu Dorayi said, “This is one of the things I hope. And I am with you on this.” Going forward, therefore, Kannywood stakeholders will hope for something better in this regard.
  4. Improving Kadawood Though relatively unknown, the Kadawood is another acclaimed independent film industry that produces film in Kaduna State. The Kannywood is largely in Kano State, but the stars are from everywhere in the North. Recently, in an interview with Daily Trust, Mustapha Naburaska said he will no longer partake in any movie shooting in Kano State but will continue in other states. There are many actors and film producing companies in Kano, such as MD Anas the CEO of Sabuwa Concept Nigeria Limited; Nura MC, the CEO of White Bird Movies; Isma’il Koli, the CEO of Abu Namu. They have produced many movies in Kaduna, including Matsalar Kauna, Zafin Kishi, Gidan Zango and many more. Kannywood supporters, especially those in Kaduna State are hoping to see improvement in Kadawood going forward in 2020.
  5. Adam A. Zango moving to Lagos Adam A. Zango It was in 2019 that Adam A. Zango announced his resignation from Kannywood which generated a lot of debates. And recently, in an interview with Aminiya, the sister paper of Daily Trust, he said he will be relocating to Lagos to bolster his music career. He said he had finished all the necessary planning to relocate to Lagos where he will be concentrating on his music career. He also said he left Kannywood because of the injustices he said he had been forced to suffer. Many of his fans wished him well, while others opined that it was not a good move. People are now keenly watching how he will fare in Lagos. Will he succeed in Lagos? Only time will tell.


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