Tyson Fury: Deontay Wilder points win in Las Vegas impossible


Tyson Fury believes there is absolutely no chance of Deontay Wilder beating him on points in their Las Vegas rematch, but that won’t stop him going for the knockout anyway.

Fury displayed his vastly superior boxing skills in their first fight but was dropped twice by the heavy-hitting American in their first bout in December 2018, which ended in a draw.

The Gypsy King feels that he did enough to win that fight, clearly out-boxing his opponent, and should have been given the decision despite the knockdowns.

The Brit believes he was robbed of the decision because the first fight took place in Los Angeles, and the more savvy Vegas judges will be able to appreciate his skills this Saturday night. ‘That slick style works and the judges here like that,’ Fury told BBC Sport.

Wilder can’t beat me on points, it’s not possible. This is Las Vegas, not Los Angeles.

One of the greatest boxers that have ever lived in (Floyd) Mayweather has come from this town and they can appreciate a master boxer here. ‘If it goes 12 rounds I have won.

Despite his insistence that he will win over 12 rounds, Fury is also confident that he knows how to stop the WBC champion and claim his green and gold belt within the distance. Wilder (42-0-1) has never been beaten, never mind stopped, but Fury (29-0-1) feels like he knows the formula to do so. To knock out a knockout artist you have to make them go back and back them up,’ said Fury.

Wilder is used to coming forwards his whole career. He has never knocked anyone out on the back foot.

All bullies when they are backed-up, fold. Wilder is no different from any other playground bully. When someone stands up to Deontay Wilder, he will fold.

I will prove that on Saturday. ‘Technically he is not so great. Fighting Deontay Wilder is like giving a seven-year-old an AK-47 in a room, fully loaded.

He is easy to control but could let rip any time. ‘He can throw punches from novice angles that usually a world champion or high-level professional wouldn’t throw. They come from the floor sometimes or around corners so you have to have your wits about you.

Fury may have displayed better boxing skills in their first fight, but he didn’t come close to stopping Wilder, so this will be a different approach if he does go for the knockout.

Legendary middleweight Marvin Hagler sees this as unlikely and unwise, as it is just not Fury’s natural way of fighting.

I heard that had been said,’ Hagler told Sportsmail. ‘He doesn’t really fight that way. But I say one thing about him I like that he has moved and he seems to be a good thinker in that ring. But again, if he was to lose his strategy against Wilder, he better think twice.


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