Baby suffers electric shock after biting phone charger


A 6 month-old baby miraculously survived a massive electric shock after putting a mobile phone charger in her mouth while it was plugged in.

The discharge was so strong that it tripped the house circuit breaker and completely knocked the child out.

The little girl received serious burns to her face and right hand with scorch marks to the tips of her fingers.

It’s believed the baby was playing with the cell phone while it was charging in the family residence in Lucas do Rio Verde, central west Brazil, when she bit down on the end of the cable with the metal USB connector.

The infant was rushed unconscious to the nearest family health unit on Tuesday this week by her family where the medical team resuscitated her.

The victim’s injuries were said to be life-threatening and an aspiration procedure had to be performed to remove a build-up of fluid in her throat.

She was transferred shortly afterwards to São Lucas Hospital for more intensive care.

Dr Heleno Strobel Rosa, who performed first aid on the victim at the PSF XV and dressed her wounds, reported that the baby arrived in a ‘serious condition with a very low heart and respiratory rate.’

She said to online media G1: “We believe she received the injuries because the shock came in through the hand and exited through her chin.

“She cried a lot after we revived her, and we provided all the support she needed before she was admitted to the major hospital.”

According to the doctor, the grandparents said the baby was sleeping unsupervised “on a mattress on the floor with a cell phone charging next to her.”

She said: “They claimed that when she woke up she must have reached for the phone and ended up putting the charger cord into her mouth. This caused her to receive a huge electrical discharge.”


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