Wife video-calls husband while sleeping with gateman as revenge


A customary court in Lagos had dissolved a 7 years marriage between Mrs Adenike Okeowo and her husband Oluwasegun Okeowo, Over infidelity.

The 39, year-old banker told the court “my husband is a chronic womanizer, who has been cheating on me for long, I decided to stay in the marriage thinking he would change but it keeps getting worse.

“We both left for work on that very day, but I came back home because I wasn’t feeling too good, I called him to let him know but he wasn’t answering his calls.

“My greatest surprise was seeing his car parked in the compound so I decided to go in through the back door because he was not supposed to be home at that hour of the day, on getting in, I saw his clothes in the living room, I called our maid but there was no response, so I went into her room, then I found my husband on her.

“As I could not bear the pain, I thought of a better way of hurting him as well, so I called our gateman to a nearby hotel, promised to get him a job elsewhere with higher pay if he would make love to me which he obliged to.

“During the whole thing, I video called my husband on Whatsapp as the gateman and I was making out, if he could sleep with a maid, I should also sleep with our gateman.
I’m tired of this marriage and I want out.

The court president, Mr Shoga Gbadamosi while delivering his judgement said all efforts to reconcile the couple proved abortive. The court wishes you all well ahead of your new life.


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