Shell, SPDC and Joint Ventures provides health intervention to several communities in Yobe (Pictures)


As part of the several ongoing interventions in Yobe State and it’s surrounding States, NNPC, Shell, SPDC and Joint Venture provided much-needed health interventions in Gadaka, Ngalda and Garin Goje communities of Fika Local government in Yobe State.

These activities were facilitated by Relume Charitable Foundation Inc. The people in this environment received free medical services, including but not limited to:

1. Medical screening
2. Vision screening
3. Distribution over 200 reading glasses
4. 50 successful cataract surgeries and follow up
5. Distribution of over 1,000 mosquito nets
6. Medication distribution for both acute and chronic conditions
7. 35 successful minor surgical intervention
8. During the course of these 3 days, over 2,500 beneficiaries were recorded
9. Over 1,000 received free medications
10. One major Caesarean interventions referred to the nearby general hospital via our ambulance on standby, which resulted in the birth of a healthy baby girl later that day.

To accomplish the vision of Shell, SPDC and partners, RCF solicited the support of the local NGO like Maigoje Foundation who provided competent healthcare workers from the community.

RCF also collaborated with SEMA, under the leadership of Dr Goje; and the public health director of Fika Local government.

The medical outreach was filled with a plethora of healthcare progressional like Surgeon, Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacist, Clinicians. Anesthesiologist, Nutritionist, to name a few.


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