Police parade 19-year old man for allegedly raping 5-year-old girl in Maiduguri


The Borno State Police command has on Tuesday paraded a 19-year-old Aliyu Mohammad for allegedly raping a five-year-old girl in Maiduguri, the State Capital.

Mohammed was however not the only alleged rapist paraded by the police as one Aliyu Jubril and Usman Tijjani were also alleged to have repeatedly raped two teenage girls in different parts of Maiduguri.

Rape cases have continued to be a very hard nut to crack in Borno State as the police say the three paraded rape suspects were apprehended in the Month of February alone.

On Monday, 19-year-old Mohammed was arrested by the police shortly after he was said to have lured a five-year-old girl (name withheld) into his house before defiling her.

Mohammed and the little girl had been living in the same neighbourhood and often ran errands for the suspect before the ugly incident occurred.

“On 24/02/2020, one Aliyu Mohammed was arrested for luring into his apartment and raping a five-year-old girl” Borno Police Commissioner, Mohammed  Ndatsu Aliyu who was represented by the state police spokesman,  DSP Edet Okon during a press conference in Maiduguri said.

The police spokesman wondered what could have led the young Mohammed to have had carnal knowledge of a minor saying ” it could be for ritual purpose as the suspect was already telling his friends that he will soon make money and buy a car shortly after the incident occurred”.

During an interview, Mohammed wasted no time at admitting to the crime saying he didn’t know what came over him ”it is the work of the Satan”.

“I was tempted to rape the little girl. I can’t tell why I did it.

I called her into my room and started fondling her body before it happened.

“I always give my leftover to the little girl, this was how I lured her into my room. But after having my way with the little girl, she went to inform her mother of what had happened.

“When the Mother of the little girl confronted me, I begged her to forgive me that it was Satan that tempted me to touch her daughter but she wouldn’t listen to me.

“I want the authorities to forgive me, this is the first time I’m doing this, I vow never to do such a thing again,” Mohammed said.

As for the two other suspects, Aliyu Jubril 28 and Usman Tijjani 40, they both denied the rape allegations levelled against them by the police.

They appealed to the police to do a thorough investigation and free them of the rape allegations.

The police alleged that Jubril had forcefully defiled his 14-year-old house help and left her bleeding profusely after the teenager sustained vaginal injuries pointing out that a skirt, trouser and pant were recovered from the scene of the incident as an exhibit.

“Aliyu Jubril of Tudun Wada, behind Borno Express forcefully raped a 14-year house help. As a result,  the victim sustained vaginal injuries as was bleeding profusely.” Police said.

As for 40-year-old Usman Tijjani, the police alleged that he got a 13-year-old girl pregnant after defiling her in his Maiduguri home.

”Usman Tijjani, 40-year-old of Fori ward, Maiduguri had carnal knowledge of one 13-year-old girl of same address.

As a result, the victim is two months pregnant,” police said.

But Tijjani denied committing the offence saying ”I don’t know why the girl claimed I impregnated her, maybe it’s because I always say in the presence my wife that I will like to marry her when she reaches marriageable age.”

The Borno Police Command stated that the three rape cases will soon be charged to court but called on the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) to expedite action from its end to enable the police to prosecute the case.

“The police will charge this rape case to court subject to the approval of the Directorate of Public Prosecution.

But unfortunately,  sometimes, they (DPP) even ask us to drop the charges.

“In most instances, why rape cases stay in the police command for long is because we are waiting for DPP’s advice before charging the suspects to court.

Most times, this is what delays rape suspects in our custody,” the police spokesman said.

The police spokesman urged residents of Borno State to desist from coming up to plead on behalf of suspected rapist pointing out that the police will leave no stone unturned at enforcing the law.

The police also paraded 47 suspects who were involved in armed robbery, Cattle rustling, impersonation and attempt to commit a felony, criminal trespass/intimidation and injurious falsehood.


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