Indian woman leading 7 man robbery gang arrested in Lagos 


The Nigerian police command in Lagos state has apprehended seven armed robbers who are known for robbing the church and supermarket in Lagos.

A release signed by the Lagos PPRO, DSP Elkana Bala and made available to the seven-armed man robbery suspects, headed by an Indian white woman were caught on the 27 of February during their robbery operation along Lagos Apapa expressway.

During an interrogation the leader of the gang who before their arrest exchange series of the bullet with the police before the Nigerian army came to their rescue spoke on how she started robbing.                                                                                                              The gang leader by name Alisha Noble confesses after a lot of interrogation that no amount of bullets shot at her can penetrate her body.

According to her, she was fortified at India by a great priest who died after fortifying her.

She also said she has a lot of magical powers which she used during their operation.

The mysterious Robbery suspect further confessed that when she arrived in Nigeria in early 2011, she decided to form this robbery gang because she knew no bullet would penetrate her body.

Another member of the gang confessed of the numbers of the church they had robbed and the amount of money the gang had got from shops and churches they robbed.

The gang, the police said, however, ran out of luck at their last operation when the police acted upon an intelligent report about their activities.

“We had a serious gun battle with them before we were supported by men of the Nigerian army”, the police release claimed.

It further said that the Inspector of Police Incharge of the case has promised that the police would make everything possible to recover all the items they have stolen.


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