Man explains why he shares 1 bed with 2 of his 3 wives


A Tanzanian health doctor by the name Jj Mwaka has narrated his story on how he ended up marrying three wives.

The polygamous man is able to enjoy the warmth of three women and has been happier in his life.

According to him, he married his second wife without his first wife’s knowledge but he later found it tough hiding the second wife and finally decided to disclose the secret to his initial partner.

The second wife revealed that she had known about his first wife and she was very calm in identifying herself to her and they eventually got used to each other.

The second wife also revealed how they came to find out about the third wife. She said at first, she and the first wife thought she was just a fling that would go away. After a while, the first wife revealed to the second one that it was very serious.

“During our vacation where we meet as a family, my co-wife revealed to me it was a serious union and we decided to find out where she lived,” the second wife said.

“We went to her house but unfortunately we did not find her. So we took pictures with her child and posted them on our statuses to notify our husband that we had found out his secret.”

The husband, being a smart guy, immediately posted the photos of the three partners on his Instagram to counter his two wives which brought even more conflict.

The second spouse said they stayed apart for a long time but she finally decided to meet the third one as she felt obligated to receive her as she was received by the first wife.

They finally became the best of friends and have been happily married to one man ever after. The doctor also revealed that they all have different houses but do share the same bed with the second and third wives when together.

He said the same cannot happen with the first wife due to age and the level of respect they have for her being much older.

“We do sleep together with my two later wives but not with the first. The age difference is quite huge and there is the stuff that we do with these two (pointing at the wives) but not with my first.”

All three wives are in good terms and believe they had a reason to come together in the polygamous relationship.

The two first spouses live in South Africa and the last one in Tanzania and she (third wife) allows them to spend time together with Mwaka when they are in the country.


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