Police rain curses on smart thief who snatched their bribe cash, fled into bush


A smart thief carefully planned and successfully executed an action that has awarded him rounds of applause from many but rains of curses from the police.

It went down on Wednesday, 19 February 2020 at a checkpoint in Emba Town in Kenya, where police officers, in their usual style, were allegedly extorting from a motorist in the name of vehicle inspection.

Nairobi News reported an eye witness, who was driving when the incident happened, said there were two officers at the spot male and female when the “robbery” happened in broad daylight.

The male officer, he said, attempted to run after the thief but the young man had timed his run well and was well into the bush.

Moreover, the officers were on the lane opposite the spot where the bribe was being kept, and the fact that the male officer had to check for traffic before crossing over gave the daredevil a few more seconds to dash away.

It took the daredevil thief just about “five seconds” to execute his plan to the delight of onlookers who frown at the behaviour of police officers in taking bribes.

“There are these steep roads that connect to the road, and the spot where the officers were based is shaped like a wedge. That is the road the young man used to escape. On realising he could not catch the young man, the officer shouted at him many times. But there is little he could do as the man vanished into the bush,” said the witness.

The officers, armed with only batons, were left with nothing to do other than rain curses.



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