Meet the world strongest lady who is yet to find a boyfriend because boys are scared of her muscles


The beautiful woman in the photo is Natalia Kuznetsova, From Russia and She is called “the strongest woman in the world” and a real muscle woman. Natalia used to be a very thin and weak girl.

At the thinnest time, she was only 80 kg. Later, in order to make herself healthier, she began to learn fitness from the age of 14 and gradually fell in love with fitness. She became a fitness player and later became a national weightlifter.

In order to keep fit, Natalia has to work out for more than five hours every day, and she has to strictly control her diet. After more than 10 years of efforts, Natalia finally has a body of strong muscle.

Natalia has made a lot of achievements in her career. She has set many world records in the sleeper push and hard pull sports, and no one can break her record so far. Because of her strong muscles, Natalia also encountered many problems in her life.

The most difficult thing for her was that she couldn’t find a boyfriend and no boy wanted to communicate with her. Many boys said that “seeing Natalia’s muscles makes people shudder.”


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