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The first army general in northern Nigeria


Hassan Usman is born in the year 1933 in Katsina state, from a Fulani ruling class. He was the son of his royal highness Alhaji sir Nagogo, Emir of Katsina.

He started school at the age of seven in Kankiya elementary school. After schooling, he joined the Nigeria army in 1956. He was the first military Governor of the defunct northern region.

Katsina’s government, saw anti-Igbo sentiment intensity, resulting in 1966 anti – Igbo pogrom, several cities were engulfed in a series of violent killings in reactions to the coup d’etat which resulted to the death of premier Ahmadu Bello.

He later became chief of staff army, and later he was promoted to deputy chief of staff, supreme headquarter under the administration of General Yakubu Gowon.

During the civil war, he led the war effort by doubling the troops, blockade of food supplies to Biafra.

He witnessed the unconditional surrender of Biafra to Nigeria. General Hassan Usman retired from the military as a senior experienced military officer.

He was a man of integrity, died in the year 1995, relatively poor despite been a Governor of the entire Northern region left only three houses, one of the said house was a gift to befits his status.

He died leaving no luxury beside for his children. But left a very good legacy for them, backing up the saying: “Good name is better than riches”.

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