Kannywood: Why I chose a dog as main actor for my new film – Zaharadden


Kannywood’s Zaharadden Sani, popularly called Kannywood Macho Man, has told PREMIUM TIMES that for the first time Kannywood will see a film that will feature a dog as the lead actor.

PREMIUM TIMES: Why did you choose a dog as a lead actor in your film?

Sani: I always wanted to do something different in everything I do. If you remember, I was the one who did the first movie depicting Boko Haram atrocities (Abu Hassan). This time around, I am coming with another one, I am going to use a dog as a lead actor in my new film, titled (Haduwar Hanya).

PT: People will want to know how you intend to use the dog as a supporting actor that will act beside you in the film.

Sani: I have been planning for this for years. I watched movies like that but I know it is CGI. I want mine to be real and in Hausa. I bought the dog from Spain years ago. It cost me thousands of dollars.

I brought it home and started training it for this film. I taught the dog Hausa, I can talk to him and he will respond, I can send and all.

PT: Why didn’t you choose a human, is it that you don’t want to pay?

Sani: Not at all. My film (Haduwar Hanya) will feature the best of the best in Kannywood. King Ali Nuhu will feature, Rahama Sadau, Nafeesat Abdullahi, Usman Uzee and many others. These are big actors and great minds in the movie Industry.

PT: What is the film about?

Sani: The film is going to look around the current trend of how people take advantage of others in the name of lovers, and expose their secret encounters. In my film, I will expose some of the things people should watch out for. I will stop here.

It will be a mind-blowing movie and one of its kind in the industry.

PT: When are we likely to see the movie?

Sani: We are at the recording stage now. I will invite you to one of our locations to see how my dog runs things. Once I am done, you will tell the world.

PT: Okay. Do you have a message for your fans?

Sani: I always love my fans and want them to be proud of me. I think beyond the normal love-love romantic films but films that we can boast of coming from Kannywood. This film is a classic one.

PT: We want to see how your dog will thrill your fans.

Sani: Sure the dog will.


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