Ban travels from, to countries with high risk of coronavirus – Senate tells FG

Canada lifts travel ban on Nigeria, 9 other African countries

The outbreak and spread of the global pandemic, coronavirus, is really turning a lot of things around all over the world, with fears among nations.

In view of this, the Senate has called on the federal government to ban travels from nations with a high risk of the disease.

The call of the upper chamber of the Nigerian legislature came after a point of order raised by the Senate’s committee chairman on health, Ibrahim Oloriegbe.

In his submission, Oloriegbe said: “If it is possible, people should not travel to countries with a high risk of the cases especially in Europe where many countries are affected, unless such trips are very important.

“Government should also consider disallowing non-Nigerians from countries of high risk from entering the country. The government should also increase capacity about checking airports.”


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