Pay-Per-View Services: Reps set up committee to investigate DSTV to probe alleged exploitation of Nigerians


The House of Representatives on Tuesday resolved to set up an ad hoc committee to investigate the South African owned Multichoice Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) for non-implementation of the Pay-Per-View services.

Idem in his motion said that DSTV and several other Direct-to-homes service providers were not complying with the Pay-Per-View system as observed in other countries.

“DSTV and other Direct-to-home service providers have deliberately refused to implement the pay as you go plan but rather charge users on a fixed monthly tariff plan, unlike what is obtained in outside Nigeria,” he said.

He also explained that Nigeria constitutes over 40% of the total subscribers of DSTV, adding that Nigerians do not get to use the monthly subscription due to one reason or another.

Also speaking in support of the motion, Aminu Suleiman called for an end to the monopoly enjoyed by DSTV.

“I have attempted for over a year now to sponsor a motion on the inhuman treatment the DSTV is dishing out to TV watchers in Nigeria. I say that because it’s not only in Kenya that DSTV is operating the Pay-As-You View.

“It’s just abuse and playing with the intelligence of Nigerians. And the monopoly they enjoy contributes to this fact. We will have to encourage NCC to unbundle the entire process and allow investors to come in. They are South African company, and they don’t do this general viewing to the South African viewers.”

When the motion was put to vote by the Speaker, the “ayes” had it.


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