18-year-old Maryam reveals how 55-year-old man infected her with HIV

From Sa’adatu MAINA, Damaturu

Maryam Adamu popularly known as Walida narrates her ordeal with a 55-year-old man Baban Sani, popularly known as Aramma Ja Baki who infected her with HIV.

Maryam said, “Aramma buys millet cake (‘yar yau or masa) from me every day in the morning and gives it for charity to children. He used to gist me on naughty issues of which I told him I did not want.

“One day he bought masa from me then he asked me to go and bring a plate from his room because he was going to eat the masa himself. On my way back from his room we met at the doorstep then he took me back to his room and had sex with me.

“I did not tell anyone at home until we came for an HIV test because of my marriage.

“He used to give me N200 or N300 per sex, and he has had sex with me more than three times without using a condom. Now as young as I am, am HIV positive”, she said.

Ibrahim Adamu, elder brother to the victim also said “Our marriage and that of my younger sister Walida was arranged to hold at the same time. As we went to the hospital for an HIV test she was confirmed to be infected with HIV.

“When I asked her how she got infected, she replied that it was from our neighbour Aramma Ja Baki.

“When I reported the matter to the Magistrate Court Potiskum, one of the lawyers advised me to withdraw the case and resolve it at home.

However, I would be glad, if I could have someone who is willing to assist me and my sister”, Adamu said.


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