Dr Mahmoud Alhassan: Abusite carrying out successful eye transplants in Nigeria

Dr Mahmoud Alhassan.
Dr Mahmoud Alhassan.

Dr Mahmoud Alhassan is an ABU trained consultant ophthalmologist and the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the National Eye Centre, Kaduna. The hospital carrying out successful Eye Transplants in Nigeria.

The National Eye Centre, Kaduna treats more than 6,000 patients monthly and more than 50,000 yearly for diverse Eye problems ranging from cataracts and glaucoma to managing People who are diabetic and facing problems that make them bleed inside the eye because of high sugar level. And also issues that could also lead to blindness like itching, infections, and defective errors – for people who need to use glasses.

Who is Dr Mahmoud Alhassan?

Dr Mahmoud Babanini Alhassan is an ABU trained consultant ophthalmologist. He studied MBBS at Ahmadu Bello University from 1985-1990 and did his residency program in Ophthalmology in the Centre from 1993 to 1999 leading to his being awarded the Fellowship of West African College of Surgeons (FWACS).

Dr Mahmoud Alhassan proceeded to Singapore where he obtained Fellowship in Vitreoretinal Surgery and Medicine in 2002. He again soared higher in 2013 when he obtained Masters in Science in Public Health for Eye Care (MPHEC) from the University of London and Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

In the course of his employment with the Centre, Dr Mahmoud Alhassan held several leadership positions, attended several national and international workshops, presented papers in various professional conferences and has several published research papers to his credit.

The National Eye Centre under his leadership has been experiencing harvest of awards which are worthy of mention. In 2018, Dr Mustapha Bature, a resident with the Centre got Prof. Adenike Abiose Award as the best student in the West African College of Surgeons Part I examination at the first attempt.

The same year, Mrs Abah I. Mary, a student of the National Eye Centre’s School of Post-Basic Ophthalmic Nursing received the award of the Forum of Heads of Nursing Institutions in Nigeria (FOHNIN) as the overall best candidate for Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Ophthalmic Nursing Programme examination.

In 2019 one of the Centre’s Residents (Dr Bello Shahir) and a Supernumerary Resident with the Centre (Dr Olabisi Yeye-Agba), all came out best in their Part II and the part I Examinations respectively.

Again, the Senior Consultant, Corneal, and Anterior Segment, Dr Urania U. Ihenacho was given Award of Excellence and Icon of Societal Development by the National Association Of Nigeria Students (NANS) for outstanding performance in educational development, philanthropic activities, youth empowerment, and services to humanity.

It is indeed a great source of encouragement that the hospital is making strides in its three core areas of service, training, and research all thanks to Dr Mahmoud Alhassan.

Successes as the Chief Medical Director – CMD, National Eye Centre, Kaduna.

Dr Mahmoud Alhassan has made tremendous progress as the Chief Medical Director (CMD), National Eye Centre, Kaduna in all areas. In the area of training, he has expanded and trained his manpower in all areas.

He now trains nurses, both qualified and pre-qualified, that specialize in the eye. He also trained more doctors to become eye specialists, and also expanded the scope of the training for them to specialize in glaucoma, cataract, and other related issues.

In the area of service delivery, Dr Mahmoud Alhassan has made tremendous progress. The hospital is now able to take care of so many patients the hospital was initially referring to other hospitals – patients who have retinal detachment, patients with complications in the eye from diabetes and patients who need a corneal transplant.

The National Eye Centre, Kaduna has also made tremendous progress in treating young children with cancer. With or without their vision Dr Mahmoud Alhassan has been able to keep them alive. Young children with big tumours -retinoblastoma (childhood cancer) – were treated.

The National Eye Centre, Kaduna is also producing customized eyes. For people who have lost their eyes and want to look beautiful or handsome, their eyes are measure and quality customized eye made for them to help them look more beautiful and handsome.

The staff of the hospital has consistently taken the first position in national exams. In fact, two years ago, they recorded 100 per cent in the pass rate. They have equally produced many health workers in line with one of the key mandates of the hospital which is to produce more health workers in various cadres.

The hospital also has a flagship training program for doctors who want to become eye professionals. They also train others too, like eye technicians, to manage eye equipment.

The National Eye Centre, Kaduna Successful Eye Transplants

The pediatric team operating on a patient.
The pediatric team operating on a patient.

The National Eye Centre, Kaduna has recently carried out the first batch of transplants and will soon do the second batch when donors are available. They currently import the Corneal for Corneal Transplant. The hospital has well-trained cornea specialists who have trained abroad in the best medical colleges.

Special Award

Dr Mahmoud Alhassan has bagged multiple awards including an award of Excellence from the Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria (MHWUN) for High integrity and outstanding performance in Health Care Delivery in Nigeria.

According to the Medical and Health Workers National President Comrade Biobelemoye Josiah, Dr Mahmoud Alhassan was chosen from among all the Chief Executives of Federal Tertiary Hospitals in Nigeria for the award based on four indicators used by the Union for assessment.

These indicators included labour friendliness, general staff welfare, general infrastructural development, and clinical development/performance.

The award was given to Dr Alhassan with the Chief Executives of Federal Medical Centre, Asaba, and Federal Teaching Hospital, Gombe during the Quadrennial National Delegate Conference of Tertiary Health Institutions.

Dr Mahmoud Alhassan Reappointed

Dr Mahmoud Alhassan who took over the reins of leadership at the National Eye Centre in 2015 has recently been reappointed by President Muhammadu Buhari for another four-year term.

He stated his main goals to achieve in his second tenure: “The target actually is our vision to be the best in service delivery in Africa, and our mission is to be the best to Nigerians and whoever steps into this place.”


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