My husband beats me if i don’t give him pocket money, wife complains


Nigerian woman seeks public opinion as she provides for her family, yet her husband beats her if she doesn’t give him pocket money.

“Please I have issues bothering me. Ever since I met my husband, I know him as a person who has the habit of shying away from his responsibilities.

“He claims that he does not have money. There is no way I will leave my children hungry so most times I provide for the family. Because he knows that my business is going well, he has left some of his responsibilities to me.

“Not that I complain, but he has the habit of complaining and beating me, anytime he asks for money and I told him that I don’t have. I provide for the family yet he still wants me to be giving him pocket money.

“He is a civil servant oooh and earns a salary. The last one that happened. I withdrew 100k for my children school fees. He went and took 70k from it. The money was inside my handbag.

“I confronted him to give me the money. Even if he has spent it, he should give me the balance. The next thing I got was a slap. He claims I am insulting him because I am earning more than him. I called his mother to report to her and I got the shock of my life, when his mother claimed I used Juju on his son, that I tied his destiny and I am shining with it.

“His mother claimed several prophets has prophesied same thing. That my spiritual husband is the reason why my husband is not prosperous.

“Out of annoyance, I confronted my husband and told him what his mother said, not knowing they have already discussed about it a long time ago and my husband beats me at any slightest provocation.

“I will tell you the truth, I want to leave but I don’t have the strength to walk away. my husband is very good at one thing. He knows how to satisfy me in bed. I have dated several guys and had several flings but you can never compare them with my hubby.

“Will I be able to cope without him. As for money, that is not my problem. please what do I do?


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