COVID-19: No more standing in public mass transit – Works commissioner

No more standing in public mass transit

The Oyo State government on Monday has directed all public mass transit not to allow their passengers to be on standing in their commercial buses while in transit and they should observe a minimum of one seat interval between passengers, just as the government rolled out new transportation policy to the state transport workers in stemming the tide of further spread of the dreaded Coronavirus in the state.

This was contained in a press statement issued by the Commissioner for Public Works and Transport in the state, Prof Raphael Afonja, stating that the new directive became imperative to compliment the efforts of the newly inaugurated Oyo State Government led Taskforce on COVID-19 and to further prevent a state-wide spread of the virus, especially in motor parks, garages, and another public transportation-related environment.

According to the statement: “All transport operators and local park managers are expected to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation exercise at their parks and garages regularly and continuously at least before and after each trip.”

 “All transport operators and local park managers are to provide at the entrance to their respective parks/garages, washing hand equipment with soap and running water.

They are expected to have alcohol-based sanitisers in their vehicles for the use of drivers, conductors, and passengers.”

“All transport operators and a local park are not allowed to overcrowd/overload their vehicles at this point in time, passenger’s spacing must be fully observed.

NCDC recommends that at least 2m (5feet) distance is required between anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness.”

“No standing in all public mass transit buses (e.g Ajumose Buses) and a minimum of one seat interval between passengers should be observed.

All buses should be at 60% capacity, that is, not fully loaded (i.e Danfo and other commercial buses).

All commercial motorcycle and tricycle riders’ must not load above-stipulated capacity 1 passenger and 3 passengers respectively.”

“Passengers are required to scrub their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds or use alcohol-based sanitizer before and after each trip.

All drivers and conductors should always wear hand gloves and nose guides while in transit.”

“All public transport operators/companies must have a temperature reader to test each passenger before boarding the bus.

Passengers are also required to regularly wash their hands with soap and running water before and after each trip.”

“All transport operators/company, local park managers and passengers are expected to report any suspected case of COVID-19 to the Ministry of Public Works & Transport on 08180666613 or call Oyo State Ministry of Health Helplines: 08038210122, 08023229267, 08073431342,” the commissioner stated.

He, then, urged the general public to report all transport operators/companies, local park managers that failed to comply with the set guidelines to the monitoring officer at sight or write to the ministry, stating the vehicle registration number, park and time.


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