COVID-19: Shari’a Court reduces crowd in lobby


A Shari’a Court II sitting at Magajin Gari, Kaduna on Monday decreased the crowd in its court to less than 20 individuals to dodge close contact in the court.

The Judge, Malam Murtala Nasir, requested the court’s agent to remain outside the court lobby to prevent others from entering.

“The individuals who have a case should hold up outside until they are called,” Nasir said.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that people sitting in the court hall observed distance as only one person was seated on a row.

NAN also observed that the court hall was scanty against last week, where the court sits were all occupied.

Aliyu Muhammad, a senior clerk, said they were ordered by the judge to stay outside the court hall so as to stop people from entering to avoid the crowd.

“It is one of the precautionary measures against Covid-19 to avoid the crowd and maintain distance; that is why we are here to make sure the court is not crowded.

“You can only be allowed to go inside when your case is called,” he said.

Hauwa’u Muhammad, a litigant said she was about to enter the court hall when someone told her to wait outside, adding that she was not informed on why she had to wait outside.

Muhammad, however, said that she assumed it was a precautionary measure against coronavirus.

Zahra’s Sanusi, another litigant said she had observed that the court hall was scanty against her recent visit.

“The last time I was in court, two to three people were sitting on a bench but today, only one person is allowed to sit on a bench and there is the distance between the benches,” she said.


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