I can cure Coronavirus – Idris Kalgo

About three weeks ago or so, a video made by one Malam Idris Ibrahim Kalgo, in which he made claims to having a cure for Coronavirus went viral.

Prime was aware that his claim was considered to be controversial but yet believe in putting him to the test.

There is nothing that Nigeria will loose if all necessary processes to test the veracity of his claims are activated. In fact, Nigeria may gain a lot by saving humanity if he is proved to be genuine. So, why the dilly dally?
It is in relation to this that Neptune Prime got his number and put in a call to him. Excerpts:
Neptune Prime: Can you introduce yourself, please? 
Malam Idris: I’m from Kebbi State in Nigeria and studied Diploma in Public Administration at the University of Maiduguri.
I am currently not working in the formal sense as I engage myself in helping humanity in anyway I can
NP: We came across a video in which you claim to make drugs that can cure Coronavirus. Why did you make it?
MI: This is not a time to say I am a Muslim or Christian but a time we should all be looking for solution for the deadly virus. I made that video because I want the world to listen to me since I have also been in pain seeing people dying every minute around the world while I can help.
NP: How confident are you that your drugs can cure the disease?
MI: I’m 100% sure because the medicine is a combination of the medicines given to us by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and I know he doesn’t make mistakes.
NP: How did you come about it?
It was at a time when my wife was having a serious flu up to the stage where she couldn’t even talk, so I just flashed back my memory about what Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said about sicknesses and after mixing it up I gave her and to God be the glory, in just a few hours the flu cleared completely.
So the next thing that came to my mind back then was coronavirus is also a respiratory disease so this can cure it.
NP: Has anyone tried it yet?
MI: Yes. People have tried it.
NP: How far has it been?
MI: It was very effective and all are fully cured. I have their consent that they can testify if needed. One of them is a senior Customs officer based in Abuja.
He was positive but before he was picked up by the NCDC I gave him the medicine and just a day at the isolation center he was tested negative.
NP: Do you think the drugs can be mass produced and within a very short time?
MI: Yes, of course.
NP: Has any high government official, officials of NCDC or any government agency gotten in touch with you?
MI: Yes, it is undergoing testing and possibly analysis now at National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), a parastatal in the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.
NP: How are you coping with funds and tools, or are you okay?
MI: Well, I don’t sell the medicine but support is something I really need.


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