The many lessons in Abba Kyari’s Death, by Mairo Muhammad Mudi

Hajiya Mairo Mudi.

Kullu nafsin za’iqatul maut, the Glorious Qur’an states that, every soul must taste death! 

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. From Allah we came and to Him, we shall return.

Today it is Abba Kyari. The next could be me, you or any other person. But in whatever sequence or time span, we must all answer the call when the time comes.

I have never seen anyone who received as much bashing from some Nigerian journalists and social media handlers like Abba Kyari.

What was his supposed fault against some Nigerians? It was believed that the president had ears for him and Mr. President only did what Abba Kyari asked him to do. Consequently, the blames for all things going wrong in the country were conveniently heaped on Abba Kyari.

When the news of the late Abba Kyari broke that, he had contacted the deadly virus, some Nigerians openly celebrated and later some issued statements that, he had died. They thought Abba Kyari was going through punishment for his many “sins.”

I make bold to submit that, Abba Kyari was indeed favoured by God who created him and he must be a good person too for God to have protected him against his numerous enemies.

Having been thoroughly bashed for God’s favour upon him while alive, it appears even in death, God has again Favoured him. Remember, all favours belong to Him and He chooses who to favour not caring about those who envy His choices!

In as much as we all know we are bound to leave this world at any given time, I know what scares most of us is how we are all going to end or leave this world and what awaits us in our graves and finally where we will all have to end, Paradise or Hell. Every human being who believes in the existence of God has this at the back of his or her mind.

As Muslims, much emphasis is laid on how well we end our stay on earth as it determines where you will finally live after death. It is not uncommon that we always ask for good ending when the time comes for us to leave this world. “Allah Ya sa mu gama da duniya lafiya,” “Allah Ya ba mu kyakyawar karshe,” “Allah Ya sa mu cika da imani.” These prayers all translate to seeking for good ending. From the day a child is born, these are the prayers for him or her.

It is believed that God does not reward evil with good because He is Just. And most evil men, especially those that wreck havoc on others don’t end well because God answers the prayers of those wronged as quickly as a flash. It is also believed that, God loves His creatures dearly that He forgives His servants that sinned against Him but does not forgive those that wrong others unless those wronged forgive the said servant.

Having said this, all Muslims believe that, when a Muslim dies on a Friday, he is favoured by God.
When he dies as a result of a pandemic, he is specially favoured and is exempted from punishments of the grave and Hereafter. Fortunately Abba Kyari got these conditions associated with his death.

What are the lessons? For me God has vindicated Abba Kyari and he could not be as bad as what some Nigerians wanted us to believe about him. We should learn to stop forming our opinions based on assumptions and hearsays. When we find anyone in a privileged position, we should know that God wants him there and for a purpose and our duty is to pray God to bless us with the goodness associated with that person and position and protect us from the evil of the said person and his position. As Nigerians, we are good in complaining about everything and everyone until God takes him away from us and we begin to be nostalgic about what we lose.

I believe God has taken Abba Kyari because He loves him more and may he rest perfectly in peace.
And if I may ask, for those celebrating the death of Abba Kyari, for how long will your celebration last? And so you honestly feel that, your days are added that he died? Remember every soul must taste death!

Another big lesson for us is that this pandemic is real and those thinking that it is a virus meant only for the big and mighty should have a rethink.

Nowponder on this: why would you expect the virus that doesn’t spare the big men to now turn around and spare the common man? Please stay safe, follow instructions by the authorities.



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