Why government should repatriate Almajiri to state of origin, by Kasim Isa Muhammad


The president of the federal republic of Nigeria Muhammad Buhari has enforced a lockdown in some States of Nigeria to curtail the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) the big matter of concern now where an Almajiri child will get food and other necessary needs in that states more especially the Northern part of Nigeria  it’s very important for the Government to know the condition of this Almajiri child and take proactive measures

Therefore, government and the relatives of an Almajiri should know the life of that children is at risk because people are scrambling on how to provide food items for their family and it’s obvious that an Almajiri child relies solely on those people to get something to eat.

The Kano state government have repatriates 1595 Almajiris to their state of origin this is very commendable and other states should emulate from them because the way Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are getting higher is beyond our expectations.

It’s crystal clear COVID-19 pandemic would affect our economy, and many experts have proven that so an Almajiri will find it difficult to overcome this problem.

Therefore, we all know how it is to locked people for over a week, though estimation showed that a lockdown will be the only way to avoid the spread of (COVID-19) among people.

But if we draw a little attention to some less fortunate Nigerians who are not financially solvent then another way of coping this COVID-19 pandemic should have to be found.

Likewise, the main victims of this coronavirus (COVID-19) Are Almajiri, that a child being brought to another state with the zeal of acquiring Islamic knowledge and discipline.

However, Almajiri is only a student and someone who’s Faraway from his parents and all families and that’s the reason why they are trained to went out and find something that they will eat everyday without being offered by their tutors.

Henceforth, many people can’t even provide food items to their families so in this situation Almajiri won’t get anything to eat from people.

We strongly call on the government at all levels to repatriates Almajiris to their State of origin that will really help in fighting against COVID-19.


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