NAHCON: Make deposits to licensed tour operators only


The Nationa Hajj Commission of Nigeria, (NAHCON), has received information on the proliferation of advertisements in several electronic, print and social media by Private Tour Operators (PTO) calling on intending pilgrims to make deposits for this year’s Hajj and Umrah.

This indeed calls for clarification in order to protect intending pilgrims from falling victims to swindlers in the guise of PTOs. Firstly, all intending pilgrims are invited to note that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has cancelled Umrah in 2020 indefinitely.

Thus, no one is advised to make a payment towards embarking on Umrah trip in the year 2020 to any operator.

Secondly, as for 2020 Hajj, Saudi Arabian authorities have not taken a final decision on its cancellation or otherwise. For this reason, (NAHCON) advises intending pilgrims to continue with Hajj registration pending the Kingdoms final position.

This the plan is not applied in Nigeria alone, there are other Muslim countries taking this step as well to forestall any last-minute unpreparedness.

Therefore, (NAHCON) is advising Muslims planning to embark on the 2020 Hajj under the private quota to continue making Hajj deposits but ONLY TO NAHCON LICENSED TOUR OPERATORS.

Intending pilgrims can visit the NAHCON website on (NAHCON) warns intending pilgrims to be cautious against making deposits to illegal tour operators.

The Commission also advises anyone who makes 2020 Hajj deposits to LICENSED TOUR OPERATORS (LTO) to have it well documented stating clearly every essential detail of the agreement.

This way, NAHCON assures depositors that their monies will be fully refunded if the 2020 Hajj fails to take place and if they wish to have their monies refunded. Otherwise, they may equally keep their deposits with the LTOs for another Hajj year in order for the depositors to secure Hajj slots.

Finally, intending pilgrims are urged to report to NAHCON, any unlicensed tour operator encouraging them to make 2020 Hajj or Umrah payments to their agencies.

This will enable the Commission to take prompt action against such unlicensed agencies. Complainants can reach the Commission through its website or these numbers: Inspectorate and Compliance: 08033826429 SA (technical) to C/CEO: 07033701605.

Fatima Sanda Usara, Head/Public Affairs, For Chairman/CEO, NAHCON


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