Impact of social media on students’ academic performance

Impact of social media on students academic performance
Social media specifically designed for exchanging informations, sharing pleasantries, having fun and other systems that can be ease to the people around the world.
But in other ways surveys shows that students from secondary and tertiary institutions have considered social media platforms more usable than what bring up some impact of social media to the world of learning today.
Firstly, poor academic performance may be considered as the major impact caused by usage of social media.
In some other developed countries, gadgets can be used as an item of learning or for furthering research about some certain complex topic and it was accepted by the bodies of education before the coming of social media platforms which leads to majority of students way Keen on using it.
Also, excessive used of social media leads poor academic performance where a student will only focus to one side and ignores the other without realizing the effect.
Similarly social media has been the biggest Item that steals attention and concentration of students from their learning point, it’s quite open on how students fails to adhere from excessive usage of social media while experts are sharing advices that it can stuck between a student and his learning capacity
Likewise, many of the students with addiction to social media lacks proper concentration during lectures, theatre, seminar or practicals and that ghastly leads to failure or hard Understanding of one’s subject matter on studies.
Henceforth, social media can cause a mental or brain pressure for any student who became addicted to it.
As some research shows, when a student keep up a pressure for studies with the one of social media addiction.
Therefore, a result of mental pressure May be drowning and cause a serious problem to the students performance.
Howexer, social media can be useful in some other ways but using it more often while on studies can also bring more obstacles to the academic life of a student.
It’s glaringly clear that one of the horrible impact of social media to the student is failure.
A failure has various meaning but it acts on someone’s dream or future planning then it annihilating everything and left out nothing rather than regret.
Statistics, has proven that most of the students with social media addiction especially when they are on academic environment used to fail, so no amount of failure can be predicted which social media might has caused and failure to academic programs can be the biggest mistake of any student and is the lesson that every wise hates to learn
Also the use of social media has leads many students to be withdrawn or spending 8 years in university instead of 4, 5, 6, years students should know how to limit themselves from using social network
Some bad lectures grabbed the advantage of lack of attentiveness of students to ask sex for grade in order for female student to pass her examination it’s crystal clear that the excessive use of social is behind this scenario
Therefore, it’s of Paramount importance for Students to know the implications of social media that will certainly help in achieving their goals and even graduates with first class or top-notch distinction
By Alkasim Bala resides in Damaturu.


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