Russian Prime Minister tests positive for coronavirus


Russian Prime Minister, Mikhali Mishustin, has tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Mishustin revealed this in a video meeting, President Vladimir Putin, on Thursday.

He said he will self-isolate to avoid putting members of the cabinet at risk.

According to him, “It just became known that the coronavirus tests I took came back positive, so I must oblige by the self-isolation rules and it’s mandatory (that I do that) for the safety of my colleagues.”

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He also urged Putin to sign a decree appointing Andrey Belousov to his role on an acting basis.

Speaking on the development, Putin while assuring him that anyone could contact COVID-19 wished the Minister a quick recovery.

“What is happening to you now can happen to anyone. I hope that you stay able to work and will actively participate in government decision-making.

“Without your opinions and your participation these decisions will not be made,” he added.


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