Gov Bala earmarks 300 million for agricultural inputs, stores

From Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi

Governor Bala Muhammad has earmarked 300 million for the procurement of agricultural inputs and rehabilitation of stores as part of a government effort to ensure bumper harvest in 2020 wet season.

The State Commissioner of Agriculture Pharmacy Samaila Adamu Burga and the General Manager Bauchi State Agricultural Company (BASAC) Alhaji Ibrahim Yusha’u Isah stated this while interacting with reporters in Bauchi over the weekend.

They said out of the money 200 was used to procured seeds, herbicides, insecticides, chemicals fungicides knapsacks sprayers and other inputs that will help farmers to get a bumper harvest.

Burga said Governor Bala Mohammed in his desire to makes agriculture a driven economy in the state accorded the top priority to agriculture and he took appropriate measures to ensure food security in the State, by providing all the necessary support that help the ministry to make available all that farmers needed in the state.

He said the governor rehabilitated the (BASAC) and makes it to serve the purpose it was created after it suffered neglects for decades from the previous administration, for that all agricultural input procured were stored in BASAC stored in the 20 local government areas to the state to enable the company takes it to the doorsteps of the farmers.

Burga advised Farmers to avoid purchasing grains in the market as seeds instead if they want to get many tonnes during harvest they should buy seeds in (BASAC) without any difficulty at subsidized rates.” If you plant the grains you buy in the market you will end of getting one or one and a half tonnes but if you buy improved seeds in BASAC you will get twenty to thirty tonnes of crops”

General Manager said they have Hybrid maize seeds, Quality protein Maize for diabetic patient’s seeds, beans, rice soya beans, sorghum, millet and all that is needed by farmers as part of the effort to get the bumper harvest in the state.

Yusha’u said the sum of 100mn was earmarked for the rebuilding and rehabilitation of all inherited BASAC stores that were dilapidated due to neglect by the previous government, a brand new store will be built in Bununu and advised farmers to visit the nearest offices of (BASAC) and contact agricultural experts for advice and to acquire the materials at a subsidized rate.

He thanked the state governor for the exemplary leadership style he is exhibiting and his passion for the agricultural sector.


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