How to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in Yobe State, by Kasim Isa Muhammad


Since the advent of the known deadly virus called Coronavirus (COVID-19), it has spread globally, affecting millions of people easily due to its high level of contagiousness. It has spread to 34 states out of the total 36 states in Nigeria including Yobe State.

Having realised this, many people within the state and its metropolis, especially the elderly and those who have a weak immune system, have started nursing fears and panics stricken.

In the light of this, this deadly virus should be seen, taken and treated as a matter of conspicuous urgency by the Yobe State government ably led by Governor Mai Mala Buni.

There have been measures set out by the NCDC to help control and contain the deadly virus which includes great and consistent self-hygiene, keeping and maintaining social distance, wearing of face masks etc.

Days have gone and weeks have passed since the detection and confirmation of the first index case in Yobe State. Won’t it be very pertinent to ask and checkmate what the state government has put in place to tackle and contain this ravaging pandemic?

First off, of course, it is obvious and highly laudable that the state government has keyed into the lockdown policy, which is embraced by almost all the affected states in Nigeria and the closure of the hinterland borders that designate Yobe State from other neighbouring states, but all in all, there are other measures and platforms that could be judiciously utilized by the State Government to further disengage and quickly contain this cankerworm that have eaten deeply into the world’s horizon. There are many other productive ways to contain this pandemic by the state government in order to safeguard the life of its citizens.

One of those avenues or platforms is the establishment of primary health care centers and/or refurbishment of the existing ones; furnishing them with necessary toolkits aptly recommended by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and the State Ministry of Health, such as the PPE, ventilators, isolation bed spaces and what have you.

In the same vein, public announcement, orientation and jingles on broadcast stations, signposts and flyers (mostly in indigenous languages) should be employed to enlighten the masses, of the depth of contracting this deadly virus and the necessary precautions or measures to take to contain this pandemic.

Prayer, as incontestably known by many, is the sword of a believer. There is nothing it cannot solve if done properly and accepted by the Lone Acceptor of Prayers. Yobe State government should also implore all prominent religious organizations and their priests to pray fervently to the One who can bring succour in times of anxiety, pandemonium and hullabaloo. Individuals are not left out in this regard.

To ardent believers, only God knows how and when this pandemic will disappear and go to anticipated oblivion.

Humbly, as a piece of advice to  His Excellency, Governor Mai Mala Buni and his hardworking team that stringent rules should be imposed in maintaining social distancing; and regular washing of hands, especially after touching surfaces at home or other essential places, on citizens of Yobe State. This will thereby, invariably assist in curtailing the spread of this novel coronavirus (COVID-19 )pandemic.

A rapid response task force should be set up and organized to carry out the aforementioned strategies. Africans are hard nuts to crack in matters relating to compliance of rules of law and order.

The government of Yobe State should not, in any way, politicized this issue. An attempt to do that would cost the state a huge loss in human and material resources. Preemptive measures taken in this trying period will be indelible in the memories of generations to come. The current administration steering the course of the State would have their names cast in the golden slates of history.

Finally, masses are the end products and/or the worst-hit of all malaises in an environment such as the one we find ourselves. It is imperative upon the state government to devise means whereby relief materials or palliative should be distributed evenly among the citizens of Yobe State, most especially, the elderly ones.

All hands must be put on deck to stand down the rapid and energetic wave the pandemic is spreading in our land.


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